Nevresch: guitars, bass, drums, clean vocals and effects. Undertrykker: guitars and lead vocals.

Every aspect of our music is a Death ritual

and a documentation of emotion.

First we were Ravner, and then Hat.

Now we are Dødsritual.


We formed a band back in 1993 called RAVNER (Ravens). At the time we were 15 years old, and kept practising on and off for about four years before we moved to different parts of Norway. RAVNER was put to sleep before we even got to put out a demo tape.


Ten years later, we met up, and formed Hat. This was the Myspace period in 2006. As soon as we got a decent recording of what we wanted to create, we put it out there. After some very positive response we released our Demo "Livet Ebber ut" in 2007. Our first Full-lenght "The Demise of Mankind" followed and was released in 2009. In 2011 we released "Vortex of Death" as our final offering under the Hat Moniker.

To free ourselves from restriction, and open up for the diversity in the damaged human mind, we are now: DØDSRITUAL. Dødsritual will exclusively release the melody of our twisted minds, meaning that there will be a vast diversity in the music and compositions deeply based in misanthropy and Luciferianism.


This is Black Metal!