Nevresch: guitars, bass, drums, clean vocals and effects. Undertrykker: guitars and lead vocals.

Every aspect of our music is a Death ritual

and a documentation of emotion.

At the beginning of the nineties - during and after all the well-known events in the Black Metal scene in Norway, a number of new bands emerged. One of these bands was Ravner. Consisting of Undertrykker on drums and Nevresch on guitar and vocals. Fifteen years old, and ready to take part in what they considered a revolution, they hammered away on instruments they could  barely handle. In Follo, where the band comes from, there were already other bands that had made their mark in the scene, namely Darkthrone, Satyricon and Fleurety. These and other bands served as both demotivation and inspiration for what would later become Dødsritual. To be accepted as a band of significance, the musical expression had to be unique. Undertrykker and Nevresch concluded not to release music if the sound of revolution was not completely present in the recordings.

The band wrote songs and rehearsed sporadically in the years 1993-1996. Fortunately, there are some recordings from this period that witness a young chaotic darkness, but with a lack of faith in their own expression, the recordings remained in the band's own hands.


In 2006, Undertrykker and Nevresch met to resume what they started ten years earlier. This time, completely without the influence and rules of others. The motivation was to recreate the unique feeling of what they regarded as real Black Metal. They called the band, Hat. For the next five years, they released the demo "Livet Ebber ut ('07)" and two albums, "The Demise of Mankind ('09)" and "Vortex of Death ('11)" on Abyss Records. These releases can be considered pure Old School Black Metal albums. The albums were well received in the underground.

At the same time, Nevresch had a solo project “Det Vidaapne Gap”. In 2009 he released the demo "The Temple of the Mind". The demo was soon sold out and received good reviews for its unique expression. Later released on Archaic Sound as a digipack CD.


Dødsritual is the mutation between the experimental and philosophical in "Det Vidaapne Gap" and the rawness of "Hat." The musical expression is characterized by numerous references to pop-cultural films and music. You may consider Dødsritual´s first album "Under Sort Sol" as the band's response to what has happened in their lives up to the present day. Because of this, the music is very varied in both mood and composition. Never a good mood, but moods in various forms of darkness. This is also made clear in the lyrical aspect of the release.


“Under Sort Sol” was first released on Canadian Black Market Metal in 2017 as Digipack CD. Shortly after, they also released the single "Sons of Disobedience" as a Split 7 "with Black Command (NL) on Lafawijn Records.

September 13th 2019 "Under Sort Sol" is released on LP. Remastered incl. the single "Sons of Disobedience". Released by ANTIKUNST in cooperation with Indie Recordings.